Kettle Falls Planning Commission

                                                 Improving the Community


The Kettle Falls Planning Commission is made up of community members working closely with the Planning Department to promote community values, goals and objectives as expressed and administered through the Kettle Falls Comprehensive Growth Management Plan, Unified Development Ordinance and related planning programs and regulations. The Kettle Falls Planning Commission was originally established by the City Council, by Ordinance 1303, on July 11, 1978 and is made up of city residents. 

Planning Commission Members:  
Position 1   Yvonne Lawrence
Position 2   Laramie Edwards
Position 3       Valerie Hall, Chairperson
Position 4   Jessie Christopher, Vice Chairperson
Position 5   Jeanie Thompson









Planning Commission Training and Educational Opportunities:





Kettle Falls Utility Rates

Kettle Falls Utility Rates effective October, 2012


Water Base Rates

In Town $17.00*

Out of Town $33.00*

Water Usage 75ยข per thousand gallons

*Water base rate does not include water


Sewer Rates

Sewer Equivalent User Rate $67.00

Basic Business Rate $90.45


Garbage Rates

1 - 20 gallon can $10.00 picked up once a week

1 - 32 gallon can $13.50 picked up once a week

2 - 32 gallon cans $18.50 picked up once a week

Each Additional Can $5.00

Dumpster $43.50 picked up once a week

Dumpster $85.50 picked up twice a week

Dumpster Rental $15.00 month


Turn On/Off Fees

Monday thru Friday  (8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.)             $15.00

Monday thru Friday  (3:31 p.m. - 7:59 a.m.)             $30.00

Satuday, Sunday & Holidays                                   $45.00 

Reactivation Fee                                                  $35.00     


Utility payments are due by the 10th of each month.

Payment Mailing Address:

City of Kettle Falls

PO Box 457

Kettle Falls, WA 99141